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My Pony OC - Zephyr Lily by Psybreon My Pony OC - Zephyr Lily by Psybreon
Just going to clear this up before I get asked. I am a guy. I'm not gay (just very feminine). I made her reflect myself and have mostly the same personality as me.
Besides Psybreon, she will probably be my main OC.
Name: Zephyr Lily
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Joystick with sword going through
Talent: Video games/Swordplay
Body Color: Light orange/brown/peach-ish
Mane/Tail Color: Black
Eye color: Pinkish Red
Accessories: Sword, sash, scarf (winter), socks :P
Personality: Cute, funny, smart at things she likes, adventurous, (acts) brave, shy around new people, fun, kind, caring, always listens and cares about friends, if something isn't interesting, she ignores it, silly, friendly, little bit above average at magic, boyish at times, slightly suggestive at times, sometimes carries around a sword, collects swords, good at videogames

When I can, I'll make a full picture and color it. I guess for now, this is kinda a reference sheet. But finally I have a pony OC. Took me a year, but I finally did it, and I love it! I had here cutie mark and the 'carries around a sword thing' in my head from the start. Everything else I just thought up today. The name took forever, and I still don't know about it. For now, I'll keep it and it will probably grow on me before I can think of anything to change it to.

I promise to do A LOT with her in the near future. I already love her! :D
Would love any fan art of her! XD
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No thanks. I don't like to buy publicity.
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